Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Cagayan De Oro Information Report - Roman


My City is Cagayan De Oro, it is known for its crazy places such as Seven Seas, The Limketkai Mall and many more. My City has a lot more stuff to explore and buy which includes local products and stores.

Important Locations:

My city has a lot of Important Places/Locations which includes Laguindingan Airport, The Camp Patag (Military Base), The El Salvador Statue Of Jesus.

What Is It Known For? 

My City is best known for the Legend of Oro, the legend says that a man fed a fish named Oro and when it was big and heavy enough he dumped it into the ocean to support the city’s ground. The city was later named Cagayan De Oro to honor the fish.


Most of my city is Catholic, some are Christian and some are even Hindu or Muslim. Cagayan De Oro has many more religions which include Tribal, Native, Taoism etc. But my city still struggles with being to respect other religions. 


During the American-Phillipine War period my city could not fight the wars due to my city’s poverty, so no one could support the soldiers and buy more armor and gear to fight with. The Generals made the soldiers fight with armor and weapons that could not even last for a month.

Towns And City:

My city was founded in 1626 and towns were made in the 1800’s. In the late 1900’s, malls were finished building and more houses were built. The National Heroes were made statues in the public park and the cities were done.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Saint Patrick's Day Recount - Roman


On the 17th Of March, our school celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day. We first got ready for the Mass at the canopy and after the Mass we changed into our P.E Uniforms.


After that, we lined up in our houses at the Canopy ready  for our Principal to call our names. The people in my team were Julio, Jaden etc. Our team name is the Leprechauns, after we got settled into our teams we went to our first Activity.

First Activity:

Our team first went to Room 8’s Activity which Ms George held, her activity/game was that you tie legs with another person on the team and you race with the other team, the first team that has everyone finish wins.

Second Activity:

After our first activity, My team went to play Room 7’s Activity which was Golden Child. The objective for the Taniwha team was to hit the bucket and our team was to round around the pillars without being stopped.

Third Activity:

After the Golden Child Game, we played Numbers which was held by Ms Kyle, if she says 3, the number of people will come on to the court and play some Basketball, the team with the most points wins.

Fourth Activity:

We did Sister Evalesi’s Bowling Game which was our fourth activity, the objective is to throw a ball onto the pins. If you succeed to get atleast one down then you get one point.

Last Activity:

Our last activity was racing and sprinting with Ms Agnew, the objective is to sprint to the cone and jump 5 times after doing that you sprint back to your starting line.

The End:

After all the activities were finished, we were given Ice Blocks/Popsicles to give our Principal some time to count the points, The team that won was Tipperary by 120+ Points. After that our class regrouped and played some board games to cool down.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

My Hat - Roman


My Hat
My Hat keeps me safe from the sun, keeps me from the light. 
It sometimes saves me from getting not to play in the sun.