Thursday, 3 December 2020

Cairo - Roman


This was the second DLO that I did at Eygpt, the making of this was pretty easy as Luxor and Cairo is pretty much the same, I did the same idea with this DLO as during the journey, it was pretty hard.

Luxor - Roman


This DLO was dedicated to our Zespri Work, this wasn't a very easy challenge since this place is very far away from New Zealand, all of us tried our best making this. I had a crazy design idea to make a transparent picture of the place in the bottom, I'm very glad to add this as it looks good in my DLO. 

Monday, 30 November 2020

Queenstown - Roman

Queenstown is a main place in New Zealand, it has beautiful mountains and places such as the Gondola. This DLO isnt very easy to make, as I had to make the facts kid speak. The L.I was to make a good DLO and put 5 facts that had to be true.

Bran Castle - Roman


Bran Castle is famous for Vlad the Impaler's Story, he was known for being the famous vampire, Count Dracula. This DLO is about Bran Castle, not really about Dracula. Our L.I is to make a Digital Learning Object and put atleast 5 facts on it, this wasnt a very easy challenge.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Matamata DLO - By Roman


Matamata is a town located in New Zealand, we made a DLO about it due to our Zespri Work. 

The L.I was to make a good and stylish DLO about five New Zealand Places, Rangitoto, Te   Puke, Wellington, Queenstown and Matamata, our Teacher told us to choose two out of them and blog one of our DLOs. 

I chose Matamata and Queenstown. And I chose Matamata to be blogged.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

The Underground City Part 1 - Writing - Roman

  The Underground City 

King Brach was diving through the ocean, he got an idea to build a city and get it’s own people. But the only way to see the city is to cast a magical spell and ask permission from King Brach. 

The city was full of interesting places and things to see such as the monuments, the King’s Castle, the golden trident, the rusted cars.

The city was full of stuff and places that you wouldn’t believe were even made.

One day, the king decided to explore the city that he made and designed. As he walked, the ground was rumbling and shaking as if there was an earthquake. The people shivered and were scared of the noise, they thought that this was their end.

But, the King had a sense that he had a challenge. The City was in danger, the doors were locked, the lights were off, everyone was scared. The King was ready to fight whoever he faced, the Marmite Road was full of people running to their houses and shelters.

The steps rumbled and rumbled until. There was a merman, with a golden trident, the king assumed that this man took the Golden Trident, suddenly the King recognized him. In his head he thought that was his son. The merman wasn’t here to fight, he was here for peace.   

The King welcomed him into the castle, the staff greeted him and the Royal Chefs greeted him with food in the living room, his dad asked why he came back, The son answered ‘’I just wanted to stay here for a week to relive my memories with my Dad’’.

His son also told his dad that there is an assassin looking for him, The King replied ‘’Whenever we sense the assassin near, we will get all of our supreme guards to guard the castle and get my Sacred Trident ready’’, The King warned all of the Knights and Supreme Guards to get ready.


Thursday, 22 October 2020

Nepal DLO

 In our Zespri stuff, we watched a video about Nepal and our teacher said to make a DLO about Nepal and to blog it, this was my DLO that I made. The thing I found challenging was finding my facts.